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“How to Make Huge Profits in a Volatile Market” Webinar with Martha Stokes CMT



How to Make Huge Profits in a Volatile Market

Saturday, January 19th at 9am PST/12pm EST

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This webinar includes How to Find Stocks with Highest Potential to move with Momentum Quickly, How to Assess Risk using Relational Technical Analysis, Determine your Profit Potential BEFORE you Enter the Trade. 

Get your trading on track for higher profits this year: Learn the secrets of a stock market expert on how to use strategies for trading a Volatile Market Condition. Are you losing money trading stocks right now? Are you exasperated with the highly volatile trading conditions? Are you wondering what to do? This Webinar has the answers you need.

Most traders make excellent profits when there is a strong uptrend in the markets. However, when the markets become volatile or trend down, many traders lose money trading stocks or options.

In this webinar, you will learn how to trade a volatile market condition where the trend shifts back and forth often and unexpectedly for most traders.  Martha will show you how to read charts in a totally new way using her Relational Technical Analysis, Spatial Pattern Recognition Skill Development Techniques and Technically-based Risk Assessment to trade with the professionals who create the strong runs and huge profits.

Beginners: If you have less than 2 years of experience, you will find this webinar to be challenging in understanding all the new concepts, technical analysis, indicator analysis and high-level skill development.  You may wish to visit our Learning Center before attending this webinar.

Beginners go to the Learning Center and watch a wide variety of webinars, to experience for yourself the excellence of TechniTrader education.

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Participation: Be prepared to take notes. This is as always at, a webinar that is packed with training and education you have never seen before. This intense hour of training, will give you vital information for trading volatile market conditions.


The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education

TechniTrader Live Radio Show "How to Find Stock Trading Opportunities" with Martha Stokes CMT

                         Live Radio Show with Martha Stokes CMT 

  "How to Find Stock Trading Opportunities"

                         Monday, January 14th at 9-9:30AM PT

One of the hardest things for traders to do is to quickly find stocks to trade. In this radio show you will learn the best methods and the common pitfalls many traders make.

There are over 6000 publicly traded stocks, there are thousands of options for stocks, indexes, and ETFs, there are many different trading instruments across 10 different financial markets. Finding something to trade for profit can be a daunting task.

In this radio show Martha Stokes CMT talks about trading view points and perspectives of many traders. She discusses the pros and cons of chatrooms, trading websites, and much more. Tune in for an insightful look at how you can improve how and what you trade for profit.

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The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education

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