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Training Webinar "High Profit Candlestick Patterns Traders Miss" Saturday, May 18th at 10-11am PDT



"High Profit Candlestick Patterns Traders Miss"

HANDS-ON Training Webinar

Saturday May 18th at 10-11am PDT

Discover a new way to look at candlestick patterns that is easier and faster to use to find excellent high profit potential stocks to trade for Day, Intraday, Swing, or Position Trading.

At this training webinar, you will learn how to identify Dark Pool Buy Zones and Professional Trader setups that create huge gaps and runs from High Frequency Traders.

1. You will learn how and why candlestick patterns are changing due to internal market structure changes.

2. You will be taught Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills to enable you to quickly identify hidden Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation Buy Zones, Professional Traders Pre-Swing run activity, and Setups that create huge High Frequency Traders gaps and runs.

This training includes hands-on chart training where you will participate in choosing entries and exits, and how to trade the stock over time.

Over 20 charts with details on High Profit Candlestick Patterns are taught in this special edition Training Webinar.

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The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education

"The Trader’s Inside Look" Monthly Stock Market Report. Available Now! 

"The Trader’s Inside Look" Stock Market Report

Includes Stock Chart, Trading Style, & Tool of the Month

 Where Traders should Focus Their Efforts in the Current Trading Conditions

Candlestick Chart Patterns Examples




The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education

TechniTrader Live Radio Show "What you should know about Dark Pools and HFTs?" with Martha Stokes CMT

                         Live Radio Show with Martha Stokes CMT 

"What you should know about Dark Pools and HFTs?"

                           Monday, May 13th at 9-9:30AM PDT

There is a huge, hidden world within the stock market and financial markets. In this radio show Martha Stokes CMT teaches you about this unknown world. You will learn who are the Dark Pools, what are HFTs, how do they buy and sell stocks?

This radio show is a must listen-to radio show for anyone who has money in stocks, mutual funds, or a pension fund. You need to know about the inner workings of the stock market, what are Dark Pools, what are HFTs, and why are they allowed by the SEC?

Why do your trades whipsaw? Do the Dark Pools cause you to lose money trading stocks? What are HFTs and why are they legal? Why are you losing money this year when last year you were doing so well?

Tune in and find the answers.

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Martha Stokes CMT Radio Shows & Podcasts


The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education

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