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TechniTrader Training Webinar "Dark Pool Hybrid Indicators" featuring Martha Stokes CMT

Dark Pool Hybrid Indicators

Trading the Momentum of Dark Pools

Saturday, November 17th  at Noon PST - 3:00pm EST

 Learn how to find Dark Pool Pre-Momentum Setups for

Swing and Momentum Trading

 This is an advanced Training Webinar

Why YOU need to attend this Webinar:

Dark Pool Alternative Trading Systems Over-The-Counter venues now account for almost 40% of all the trading transactions in the US markets.

Dark Pool buying and selling is HIDDEN because Dark Pools use special order types that do not alter the trend, disturb price, or volume patterns. Their activity is invisible to the retail crowd.

There are Indicators that reveal where the Dark Pools are buying or selling. These are called Hybrid Leading Indicators. These are new indicators for most retail traders.

When you learn to recognize the footprints of Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation, Quiet Rotation or Distribution, you will be able to enter BEFORE the huge momentum runs that follow Dark Pool activity.

Professional Traders use Dark Pool activity to setup and enter the stock before it begins to run.

High Frequency Traders also search for Dark Pools to front run smaller funds and the retail crowd.

If you can’t identify where Dark Pools are quietly entering or exiting a stock with huge lot transactions, you are at risk of being on the wrong side of the trade.

Hybrid Leading Indicators are a special group of indicators most retail traders have never used or heard about.

Dark Pool activity is increasing each year.

Dark Pools are the least understood of all the 9 Market Participant Groups.

Who will benefit from this training:

Retail Traders with 2 or more years of live market trading experience.

Small Funds Mangers who are learning technical analysis.

Professsional Traders who are working independently.

Retail Investors who want to get into the next generation of big growth stocks early.

This TechniTrader Webinar features the LATEST information on Dark Pools, where to find their footprints on charts and what indicators reveal their activity.

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TechniTrader Live Radio Show "What you need to know about Dark Pools and High Frequency Traders" with Martha Stokes CMT

                 Live Radio Show with Martha Stokes CMT 

         "What you need to know about Dark Pools and HFTs"

           Monday, November 12th at 9:00am - 9:30am

There is a huge, hidden world within the stock market and financial markets. In this radio show Martha Stokes CMT teaches you about this unknown world. You will learn who are the Dark Pools, what are High Frequency Traders HFTS, how do they buy and sell stocks?

This radio show is a must listen-to radio show for anyone who has money in stocks, mutual funds, or a pension fund. You need to know about the inner workings of the stock market, what are Dark Pools, what are High Frequency Traders, and why are they allowed by the Securities and Exchange Commission?

Why do your trades whipsaw? Do the Dark Pools cause you to lose money trading stocks? What are High Frequency Traders and why are they legal? Why are you losing money this year when last year you were doing so well? Tune in and find the answers.


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The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education

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