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Enhanced Elliott Wave Trading Webinar, February 19th at 4-5:00pm PST


"The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education"

Enhanced Elliott Wave Trading Webinar

February 19th @ 4-5:00 pm PST


Join us for a special training webinar taught by Martha Stokes CMT and TechniTrader CEO. Elliott Wave Traders will learn how to enhance their trading with a unique approach to technical analysis.

Do you use Elliott Wave Theory for trading? This webinar is for you. This is NOT the basics of Elliott Wave but designed specifically for those of you who already have some knowledge and working experience with trading using Elliott Wave Theory.

Webinar Topics:

Learn how the Market Structural changes have and will continue to evolve the application of Elliott Wave Theory.

Discover how you can understand why the waves form and why some charts show deviations, distortions or variations of Elliott Wave Patterns.

Learn the NEW Elliott Wave Patterns that have begun to form in the past few years and learn how to identify them early on.

Everyone who uses the Elliott Wave Theory will benefit from this training, whether you are just starting out using this theory for trading and investing or if you have several years of experience.

Find out what the books don’t teach you, and learn how to quickly incorporate this into your trading process and strategies.



TechniTrader Live Radio Show "Using Option Puts to Mitigate Risk" with Martha Stokes CMT

                       Live Radio Show with Martha Stokes CMT 

                      "Using Option Puts to Mitigate Risk"

                  Monday, February 19th 9:00am - 9:30am PST

Options Puts can be used to reduce the risk of loss of held stocks during a short term or intermediate term correction. Find out how you can learn to trade Option Puts and mitigate your risk. During a market correction many investors either do not want to sell their long term stocks or they are unable to sell their mutual funds or pension funds. This means they have a very high risk of losing a huge amount of the value of their portfolio.

There is a way for investors to use Option Puts to reduce the loss and to mitigate the risk during a correction. Martha Stokes CMT candidly explains the framework of how this is done, what you need to learn how to do, and the reality of this type of hedging and mitigating strategy. As always, Martha gets down the nuts and bolts of the situation speaking frankly of what you can really expect from this type of Option “insurance” strategy.

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TechniTrader is "The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education"

TechniTrader "The Cycle of Market Participants" online lab class available NOW!


"The Cycle of Market Participants"

8 Week Online Lab Class

There are 9 Market Participant Groups now in the Stock Market

Today's Participants in the stock market are completely different from a hundred years ago, and they impact your ability to trade and invest successfully. This is an in-depth lab class explaining the nine levels of Market Participants and how each impacts price action, trend, and the market in general.

This course is a complete study of the various institutions, traders, corporations, and individuals who trade and invest in today's stock market. Each level of Market Participant Group leaves a different footprint on stock charts.

To be highly successful in today's market, traders need to be able to identify the difference between quiet accumulation, large lot trader activity, and smaller lot activity.

This 8 week Online Lab Class by Martha Stokes CMT teaches:

When each group enters the stock, how often they buy on the uptrend, how each group typically buys, what kinds of orders they use, what triggers their buy, and how long the group tends to hold.

Enroll by calling 888-846-5577 or emailing

 TechniTrader "The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education"

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