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TechniTrader Position Trading Course review - by Shabaz M. - "The Position Trading course is worth EVERY CENT"

One could debate how robust Martha’s courses are but she does bring you to stop searching for the holy grail and those “fantastic picks,” “secret set of indicators,” “doubling your money in no time,” “setting up a mechanical trading system,” etc.

Once that stops one is perhaps ready to embark on the “Zen of Trading” journey AND there is no secret – just Martha’s knowledge and common sense, and one has to start using those forgotten grey cells of which we may still have a few left.

Like many so called Gurus I have come across, Martha does not seem to have withheld the “secrets” of how to become a good trader and it is very clear, genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration.  

The (TechniTrader Elective Course) "Position Trading" is worth EVERY CENT.  I had to go over it 3 times to understand it. It opened my eyes. Just fantastic, let Martha know.

I just love it!

Thanks Martha for helping me fight for my dream to become financially independent come true!

Shabaz M.

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