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TechniTrader Options Course review - by Pierre G. - "I can realistically think that my journey can be confidently steered in the direction I originally intended it to go, Options."

First I want to thank Ms. Stokes and Mr. Johnson for creating the Options Series. To me this is very exciting. The idea of being taught by one of the only 800 people in the World holding a CMT is a guarantee of unsurpassed expert teaching methods and of intellectual rigor. Options are what I want to specialize in. Since Stock Options derive from Underlying Stocks I soon realized I needed to get a solid education in Technical Analysis. I thank Providence for making me click on the TechniTrader ad when searching the internet to find what I needed.

So, I began with the Methodology Course and soon upgraded to the Position Course after discovering that both Position and Options Trading were Siamese twins insofar as trading styles were concerned. To me this was a marriage made in Heaven! I have also studied the Candlesticks and Indicators Courses. I have faithfully read my Daily Market Educator's and Position Trader Weekly's along with Labs, checked Market Conditions making my Journal Entries. And I paper trade, paper trade and paper trade again and again while trying to pay attention to nuances and details as taught.

All this conditioning has given me the self-confidence and focus required to re-invent myself as a trader with the maximum chances of success, after a first career in the practice of law in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Now equipped with this unparalleled launching pad, I can realistically think that my journey can be confidently steered in the direction I originally intended it to go, Options.

Pierre G.

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