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The Definitive Guide to Position Trading Course

 The Definitive Guide to Position Trading Course

Specialize in Position Trading

The TechniTrader Position Trading Course is designed for traders who want to become specialists in position trading. Position trading is not “positional” but rather a trading style that holds a stock for a few weeks to several months as an intermediate term hold.  All Position Trading Courses are an add-on to the Methodology Essentials Course.

The Definitive Guide to Position Trading Course has 5 modules based on the DVD training. It comes with a complete Position Trading Student Support Package with online wiki help files, online training, support, guidance, mentoring sessions, customization, Position Style Tools, templates, scans, sorts, fundamental line indicators, and simulator trading. The course includes a study guide manual, position trading checklist, professional work sheets, and tests.

This course includes the following:

Module 1: Position Style Trading for the specialist trader.

Module 2: Analysis of Price Action for Position Trades held for 2 weeks to several

                   months. Position style Candlestick Entry and Exit Signals.

Module 3: Position Trading Hybrid Leading Indicators™ created by TechniTrader.

                  Fundamental Line Indicators for Position held stocks.

Module 4: Position Style Stop Losses. Fundamental Analysis for Position holds.

Module 5: Money Management, Trade Management, Watchlists, and Student Mentoring.


The Position Trading Course is a complete education for the specialist trader. It is customized for individual student needs. Mentoring Sessions provide live interaction with the instructor, and trading study halls are also available. This course has a prerequisite of one of the 3 Methodology Essentials Courses.

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