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TechniTrader Stock Trading Courses Staff review - by Roger M. - "you are helping me so much, and it's going to have a massive effect on my future"


I just want to thank you for taking the time to answer all the questions I have thrown at you the last few weeks. I have been stuck and you have opened up my understanding to some of my stumbling blocks. I know it's your job but you are helping me so much, and it's going to have a massive effect on my future. It just means so much to have someone to help when I'm struggling.

I told my wife the other day that I can see why basically all retail traders just never get anywhere because they can never clear any hurdles. I kind of feel sorry for them. Martha has been a fantastic teacher and you have been so awesome in extending your knowledge. Sometimes I feel like a dummy but it's part of the process. 

Appreciate you!

Roger M.

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