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Thank you for your analysis of the Oil Industry - incredibly insightful!

Before TechniTrader under another training program, I had made some trades in upstream and downstream companies based on moving averages and a gut feeling about the movement of oil prices. I could discern that a relationship between the companies and the commodity existed, but I never really quite understood why. You really put a spotlight on the subject and provided a text book understanding, top to bottom and start to end.  

It was a very easy decision for my wife and I to become TechniTrader Students based on the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that is evident throughout all of the program offerings. If I have a trade that goes well, I know why. If I have a trade go against me, I know why and more importantly I can actually learn from the experience.

Please extend my appreciation to the rest of the Staff whose contribution to the TechniTrader products, support and services have been nothing short of excellent!

Thank you!

Best regards,

Tony S.

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