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TechniTrader Support Staff review - by Steve G. - "I have been successful on 11 out of 14 trades"

Hello Mele, 

Just a little note to say thanks for the lessons and the daily analysis for my subscription. On my paper trading account for TechniTrader I have been successful on 11 out of 14 trades, 2 trades of which I didn’t even purchase. It has been since August, when I started that phase of the (TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Standard Course) ME10 course. It gives me added confidence to take it live.

I also want to thank Martha (Martha Stokes CMT) for her early on bringing up Regional Banks, I researched various ones. I did use my live account to purchase an Regional ETF and did well.  

Thank You very much for all your hard work!  

Steve G.

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