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TechniTrader Stock Trading Courses support publication "Daily Market Educator" review - by Kaaren W. - "I thank Martha for all her good training and I listen to her good advice."

After reading Martha's (Daily Market Educator) DME today I just wanted to send an email of reassurance that I have taken her advice seriously about simulator trading. During this whole correction phase I have not wanted to put my real money at risk.

I have been paper trading every day, journaling each trade as though it were live, watching all my stocks on my watchlist how they have re-acted under the pressure and learned a great great deal. I have spent time going over old studies and am preparing myself for when the market makes more sense to me.

I haven't wasted my time. I am taking advantage of learning how to trade a Trading Range Condition for the future, on paper first. I thank Martha for all her good training and I listen to her good advice. Please let her know that I appreciate all her good intentions. Martha is my rock.
Many best wishes,
Kaaren W.

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