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Exclusive Article in Proactive Advisor Online Magazine by Martha Stokes CMT

"Understanding a Trading-Range Market"

by Martha Stokes CMT

Exclusively available in

A trading range is a type of correction. A trading-range market condition is simply a wide sideways price action that moves between a low and a high price, looping up and down repeatedly...Read More.

Martha Stokes CMT is the CEO of TechniTrader, a stock market educational company with trading and investing courses for Beginners to Advanced Professionals. Go to the TechniTrader Courses Blog and the Courses Reviews Blog

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EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE "The market impact of corporate buybacks" by Martha Stokes CMT

"The market impact of corporate buybacks"

by Martha Stokes CMT

found exclusively online at

Proactive Advisor Magazine

Corporate buybacks affect stock prices in several ways. Therefore, it is important for investors to understand how this might alter their return on investment and stock dividends. Read MORE.

Beginners “A Walk Around the Market” Course

Beginners “A Walk Around the Market” Course

Take at your own pace in your spare time. It will teach you how you can make both short-term income and retirement income using stocks and other investments.

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