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EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE "The market impact of corporate buybacks" by Martha Stokes CMT

"The market impact of corporate buybacks"

by Martha Stokes CMT

found exclusively online at

Proactive Advisor Magazine

Corporate buybacks affect stock prices in several ways. Therefore, it is important for investors to understand how this might alter their return on investment and stock dividends. Read MORE.

Beginners “A Walk Around the Market” Course

Beginners “A Walk Around the Market” Course

Take at your own pace in your spare time. It will teach you how you can make both short-term income and retirement income using stocks and other investments.

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NEW TechniTrader® Online Elective Course "Cycle Theory and Analysis Techniques"


"The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education"


The NEW TechniTrader® Online Elective Course 
"Cycle Theory and Analysis Techniques"

For the first time ever, Martha Stokes CMT will teach her approach to cycle analysis for the Financial Markets in this NEW Online Elective Course for TechniTrader Students ONLY: "Cycle Theory & Analysis Techniques."

Martha’s ground breaking CMT thesis, “Cycle Evolution Theory—How to Identify Evolutionary Cycle Deviations,” is the basis for this Online Elective course.

You will learn:

  •  About the most influential cycle theorists and their theories

  •  Martha’s unique approach to cycle analysis

  • How to use cycle indicators to identify cycles

  • Why cycles deviate and how they evolve

  • The application of cycle analysis for making better investing and trading decisions

This 8-week Online Elective Course includes:

  • Weekly written lessons

  • Homework assignments

  • Tests

  • Additional weekly Course Notes for chart study practice

  • IN THE FIRST YEAR OF THIS COURSE ONLY, we will hold a Case Study Group for interaction between students taking the course.

  • Support: All questions will be answered by Martha Stokes, CMT and will be presented in the Case Study group as well as in the weekly notes.

CLASS STARTS MARCH 28, 2018. This course is only offered once per year. Seating is limited, so early registration is recommended.

Spring Semester 2018: MARCH 28 – MAY 23

Contact Olga at