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"Virtual New Technology Course" Emerging Displacement Technologies for Investors


The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education

"Virtual New Technology Course"

Emerging Displacement Technologies for Investors

Saturday, January 12, 2019

 LIVE 3 Hour Training


Join us for a fascinating experience of education on the New Technologies and Companies that all forward thinking Investors must learn about NOW, before they become household names in a few years. Go READ MORE at

The Research for this Course by Martha Stokes CMT includes:

  1. Two Years of Extensive Research and In-depth Analysis.
  2. 273 New Technology Websites reviewed and studied.
  3. 57 Professional and University Published White Papers and Internal Resources.
  4. 12 Displacement and Disruptive NEW Technologies poised to come to market soon.
  5. The Top 20 Blue Chip Stock Leaders in these New Technologies.
  6. The Top 40 Small to Mid-Cap stock Leaders.
  7. The Top 50 New Startups, Impending IPOs, or Current IPOs for 2019-2022.
  8. The 20 Major Industries to watch for this New Technology.
  9. A list of jobs that will disappear. Tens of millions of high tech, white collar jobs will be lost.
  10. How fast this New Technology will displace and disrupt: Old Industries, Current Tech Industries, the Economy, the Stock Market, and YOUR Retirement Account and Trading Opportunities.

Join us for this RARE opportunity to learn from the most prestigious New Technology Analyst Expert, Martha Stokes CMT. Martha has been studying New Technology for decades and her insights into it's potential for exponential growth, the top stocks to buy, and what IPOs to watch has an unprecedented success rate proven time and again to be accurate.

If you are a TechniTrader Student and have completed the Methodology Essentials Course you will also receive this course as a White Paper in Study Guide format. You will receive watchlist of stocks, a list of the New Technologies with locations of development, stages of development, international impact, global reach, and Martha Stokes CMT's individual analysis of each stock.

TechniTrader Students - for more information call 888.846.5577 or visit the Student Campus Website.

NOT YET TechniTrader Students - for more information please send an email to This is the only week the Virtual Course will be offered at an introductory price for New Students. Call 888-846-5577 to get the details on how becoming a TechniTrader Student this week locks you into the best price.


The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education

TechniTrader Live Radio Show "Stock Market and Precision Stock Trading for High Profits" with Martha Stokes CMT

                 Live Radio Show with Martha Stokes CMT 

    "Stock Market and Precision Stock Trading for High Profits"

                Monday, December 10th at 9-9:30AM PT

Do you want to make more money trading stocks that you currently are making? Then tune into this radio show to find out more about Precision Trading technique.

Precision Stock Trading requires a few specialized skills that most traders have not learned. These skills help you achieve your monthly income goals with less work and time. You will learn how to trade stocks using techniques and skills that generate higher profitable trades and lower risk. Anyone can learn to these skills. 

Martha Stokes CMT gives details on what is wrong about your trading now and how to employ precision entries and exits, risk analysis, an how to trade for higher and more consistent profitability every time you trade.

To request a Radio Show Topic email:

 *Try the TechniTrader Training App for listening to

Martha Stokes CMT Radio Shows & Podcasts


The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education

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