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Entries in macd explained (2)

Learn Stock Trading - $MU Charts Explained by TechniTrader with Martha Stokes CMT

 $MU Charts Explained by TechniTrader

$MU chart example shows Front Running, Pro Traders. Why Whipsaw Action is occurring explained. Large lots are selling. See MACD & Time Segmented Volume analysis explained in same indicator window with Martha Stokes CMT. chart with thanks.

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MACD Webinar - TechniTrader training

TechniTrader MACD Webinar

Watch Training Webinar

Trading Nugget MACD Indicator

Watch webinar and learn:

1.  Facts You Don’t Know About MACD.

2.  How to Use MACD properly.

3.  How to Enhance MACD for swing and day trading.

4.  What Signals are most reliable.

5.  What combination indicators will improve MACD.

6.  Convergence and Divergence Patterns.

7.  When to use MACD Histogram.

8.  MACD and Stochastic Indictors.

9.  Limitations of MACD.

10. Examples of MACD Trades.


How to Optimize MACD:

There are several ways to improve MACD as a signal indicator for stock and options trading.

HFTs use algorithms based on MACD to track the retail trading systems that use MACD as a primary red/light-green/light trading modify system.  If a trader is unaware of how HFTs are able to front run MACD signals then whipsaw trades will occur frequently.

Watch the webinar now and learn how to optimize MACD for your trading.


"The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education”