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TechniTrader Presents Opportunity to the Public - access to take "Balance of Power Indicator Study Online Course"


Presents Opportunity to the Public

Access to PREVIEW

"Balance of Power Indicator Study Online Course"


Access to join TechniTrader Students and take

"Balance of Power Indicator Study Online Course"

February 13 to April 10th, 2019

8 week Online Course

Balance of Power Indicator reveals Dark Pool activity Before Price Moves.

Extraordinarily useful to all Trading Styles.

Also extraordinarily useful to a variety of Trading Instruments including:

Stocks, Options, ETFs, Exchange-Traded Currencies, Exchange-Traded Bonds, Exchange-Traded Commodities, E-minis, Single Stock Futures, and Index Futures.


Tools provided with Balance of Power Indicator Study Course:

Custom Chart Templates set up with various leading and subordinate indicator combinations.

Scans using Balance of Power to find stocks to trade.

Instructional Video on how to use the charting tools.

Notes from Martha Stokes CMT.

Watchlist of stocks for the semester.

Who would benefit from this Indicator Study Course:

  • Beginners who have a basic knowledge of Balance of Power.
  • Advanced traders who are struggling with interpretation and use of this indicator.
  • Professionals who are managing money for other individuals.
  • Options traders who need to understand and analyze the underlying stock action of their option trades.


The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education