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Day Trading vs Swing Trading - "Can You Make More Money Day Trading or Swing Trading?" by Martha Stokes CMT


Presents Featured Training Webinar


Day Trading vs Swing Trading

"Can You Make More Money

Day Trading or Swing Trading?"

Saturday, February 23rd

11:00am - 12:00pm PST

A side by side comparison of the two most popular Trading Styles for Retail Traders.

This is an exclusive TechniTrader Webinar for Day Traders and Swing Traders.

You will learn:


1. How to Day Trade or Swing Trade in the New Market Structure where professional Day Traders and Professional Swing Traders have access to Augmented Reality, Multi-channel Trading Venue routing, and New Professional Multi-leg Order Types.

2. Already Day Trading? Find out about the Professional Trader Auction that now happens at the end of the trading day.

3. You will learn what time of day is best for Day Trading or Swing Trading and WHY you should avoid certain times of the day.

4.You will also learn how to combine both styles for higher profits and less risk.

5. Do you know what the new SEC rules and regulations are for retail and technical traders for this next year? Do you qualify as an Accredited Trader? Learn how this can boost your trading opportunities.

6. Learn how Professional Traders Front-Run the High Frequency Traders for huge gap gains.

7. Do you know the new Professional End Of Day/First Of Day Trading Strategies for Swing Trading? This is your chance to learn this Professional Trading Strategy now by watching this webinar and training with one of the best Technical Analysts of today, Martha Stokes CMT.

Who will benefit from this Webinar:

1. Beginning Traders who are still trying to decide which trading style to use and how strategies work for each one.

2. Novice to Experienced Day or Swing traders who want to learn how the Professionals have changed their approach to each of these styles and why.

3. The Advanced Trader who wants to keep up with the latest New Technology that Professionals have started to use this year.

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