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Entries in Stock Trading Webinar Reviews (1) Stock Trading Mentoring Webinar "Trade Management Planner" review - by John D. - "Howard's review of the mechanics of picking stocks and trading, probably for me that was one of the most helpful things."

To the TechniTrader Team,

Thanks so much for the ( Trade Management Planner) webinar. 

I really enjoyed and learned several things in the webinar. I really appreciate Howard’s (Howard Johnson) review of the mechanics of picking stocks and trading, probably for me that was one of the most helpful things. The information on what is going on in the world economy by Martha (TechniTrader Insructor Martha Stokes CMT) is very helpful as well.  She always has such a great insight on the economy.

Martha’s review of the Dow30 was very helpful, just watching, listening, and seeing how she goes through stocks quickly deciding what it looks like they are doing and moving on. As you might have gathered I tend to go through stocks and labor over what they are doing, looking at different chart templates and agonizing over whether they are good ones or not. With this training I have a new goal and that is to speed up my scan/watchlist review to narrow down picks to a short list then look closer.

I really appreciate you giving up a Saturday, in the winter to teach this class. It was the perfect time for me as many of the offerings during week days are difficult for me to work into my schedule.

Have a great week!

John D.

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